Why Organic & Grass Finished Meats?

I feel that today’s educated consumer knows very well why.  I just want to add some more good reasons why organic, and preferably biodynamic, is the most responsible choice you can make.

Someone at a Weston A. Price Foundation conference said: “Today’s parents will bury their children.”  Eight-year-old children make up the fastest growing group who get cancer.

Pasture to Plate products are free of genetically modified/engineered organisms, or GMOs, free of pharmaceutical products developed by so-called “life sciences” and free of manmade chemicals.  You, as a responsible consumer, know probably just as much as I do about the side effects of these substances.


Did you know that conventionally processed meat products can contain less than 40% meat?  The rest is made up of phosphates, water, glucose, fat and fillers. This means that you can reasonably pay 2.5 times more for the organic product, since you get 2.5 times more meat and this is not even considering the organic ways used to grow the animal.

Did you know that sausage casings can come pre-coloured to give a smoky look? Did you know that MSG (monosodium glutamate) is addictive and supports obesity, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease and autism and is added to many conventional meat products, as well as other foods? MSG is a slow poison and hides behind many different names such as “Natural Flavouring”.

So, your choice to go organic not only is good for you and the producer, but it is also good for the planet.



A grass fed ruminant has a low, or basic stomach environment. When large amounts of grain (starch) are added to its diet, the environment in the rumen’s stomachs changes to acidic and thus becomes very close to the acidity in human digestive systems. When such meat is consumed, pathogens like e-coli can thrive in the new, but similar environment which in turn would have been instantly killed were the meat from a grass finished ruminant.

On a high starch diet the ratio of omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids changes to a ratio overwhelmingly high in omega 6. Every body cell of the human is enveloped in a layer of fat. If this fatty layer is made up of omega 3, which is a broken hydrogen chain, serotonin, or the “feel good hormone” can readily enter each body cell and tell it: “You are satisfied!” If this fatty layer is made of omega 6, which is a straight hydrogen chain, serotonin cannot enter to bring the good message and the body keeps craving more, which results in what we all know to be obesity.

When we started selling at farmer’s markets we’d tell our customers to make sure to eat the fat on our meats, as it is full of very necessary goodies. On the other hand, the baddies are also stockpiled in the fat of an animal which was not raised properly. Good fats, good salt and cholesterols are essential for healthy brain and body development and maintenance!

One of the best books I ever consulted on salt and water:


To help me better understand the essence of life, the book,

“THE TRUE POWER OF WATER”, by Masaru Emoto has changed the way I look at water, the way I consume water and the way I treat water.



When reading through our website, you will find that we buy locally and BC as much as possible and that we stay seasonal as much as possible. We also made the decision years ago to not sell out of province. We offer a 20% no-transport discount on p2p meats sold here in Redstone.

In North America, the average steak has 5,000 km of transport on it, your PASTURE TO PLATE meats have between 10 km and 750 km of transport on them.

We do not add nitrites to our cooked-and-cured meats as they transform into carcinogenic nitrosamines when heated to a high degree (like frying bacon). We however, would be allowed to add celery salt/juice concentrate, or beet concentrates. They are just as nitrite as the chemical and have been allowed, then banned from organic production in Europe.

We do not vaccinate our animals, although we would be allowed to under organic standards. It is not the modified live, or killed virus in the vaccines which is scary. It is the vector in which the organism is suspended which can truly damage the body. This vector used to be mostly mercury based and as mercury got a worse and worse rap, over time it was changed to aluminum in human medicine. The ingredient changed, the result however did not. A healthy body in a healthy bacterial environment and nourished properly is not easily hurt by pathogens. Nature makes sure of that. Nature has ensured survival of the adaptable for millennia, long before pharmaceuticals were concocted by life sciences.