Where to Find Us

Please call or email in advance to make your reservations. We do have a self check-in system.

Reserve your Accommodations now:

The KINIKINIK RESTAURANT, STORE AND ACCOMMODATIONS are situated in Redstone between the Chilancoh and Chilcotin rivers right along Highway 20, the route 40 connector to Bella Coola and the Pacific Ocean.

You cannot miss this beautiful timber frame building created by Oliver Tritten and Company. No matter what stop and park in the very generous parking provided on both sides of the highway.

For your four legged friend there is a messaging pole surrounded by a sand “deposit pit” and readily available litter bags. Take a stroll around the beautifully landscaped area (keep your friend on a leash please as we have farm animals nearby) cross over the waterfall via the “Lover’s Bridge” to the children’s playgrounds. You will see that Kinikinik has a live roof, which is reminiscent of the historical sod roofs of times gone by.

Finally the path will take you back to the restaurant, where wholesome food made from scratch is waiting for you.


The Rancher’s Breakfast
Two eggs, bacon or sausages, rosti and toast.

The Danish Egg Muffin
Crisp puff pastry filled with eggs, cream, cheese and a selection of seasonal vegetables.

Breakfast Special
Ask about it…

Toast with butter & jam

Croissants (on weekends)
3.50 plain 4.25 chocolate

Lunch and Dinner

Soup of the day
Served with toast and butter
small 6.50 large 9.00

Seasonal House Salad
A green option with choice ingredients, served with tangy dressing
small 6.50 large 11.00

The KiNiKiNiK Burger, a Classic
A juicy, 100% beef patty served on a bun, topped with cheese, bacon, onions and mushrooms, with fries or salad

Gluten-free, Pro Vita Patty
Our beef patty stands alone in its juicy perfection served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of side salad, soup or fries

The Beef Dip
Shaved beef, served on baguette, and real jus for dipping, fries or salad

– Beef
– Egg salad
– Veggie
10.50 Add a side of fries, or soup of the day or salad, 3.50 extra

Quiche of the day
Crisp puff pastry filled with eggs, cream, cheese and a selection of meat or seasonal vegetables. Served with salad

Bratwurst & Rosti
Large sausage served with rosti and a side of seasonal vegetables

Choice of Pizza
Served weekends out of our wood-fired oven. Meat-lovers, Hawaiian, or Vegetarian

Kids Menu

Schnitzel and fries
Grilled cheese sandwich and fries


Ask your server for today’s homemade selection. We make our ice cream with 5 ingredients: Cream, milk, egg yolk, sugar, real flavours of Chilcotin berries or vanilla or chocolate

Beer | Wine | Port

Beer 5.00 serving size is 355ml
Scandal Organic Lager
Paddywhack Organic IPA
Wild Honey Organic Ale
Alexander Keith India Pale Ale

Cider 6.75 serving size 355ml
Gluten Free Sir Perry Organic Cider
Gluten Free New Grist Pilsner

Organic Summerhill Wine – 150ml Glass
Baco Noir Red 8.50
Pinot Noir Red 8.50
Marechal Foch Red 8.50
Pinot Gris White 7.50
Gewuerztraminer White 7.50
Syrah Malbec Rose 7.50
Champagne White or Rose 9.50

Organic Summerhill Wine by the Bottle
Baco Noir Red 39.90
Pinot Noir Red 39.90
Marechal Foch Red 39.90
Pinot Gris White 33.50
Gewuerztraminer White 33.50
Syrah Malbec Rose 33.50
Champagne White or Rose 42.25

Summerhill Blackberry Port
2 oz glass 8.25

Coffee | Tea

Americano 4.50
Cappuccino 4.50
Chai Latte 4.50
Latte 4.55
Mocha 4.75
Drip 8 oz 3.50, 12 oz 4.50, 16 oz 5.50
Espresso 3.50
Extra shot 1.50
Hot apple cider 3.00
Hot chocolate 3.00
Tea Lg pot 5.00, Sm pot 3.00
Tea Latte 4.50
Matcha Tea 4.50

Cold Drinks

Fruit Juice – Apple or Blueberry/Pomegranate
Large 3.85, Small 2.50
Coconut Drink 3.65
House-made Kombucha
Santa Cruz Lemonade 3.85
Milk Large 3.50, Small 2.00