Why Organic Beef? Reasons to Choose Organic Beef in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Dec 26 ,2018

The word has been going out for decades now that we should all go back to eating organic food. With GMO fears and the use of chemicals in our food, it is clear why people in the health industry want us to switch to a more organic, additive-free diet. People are jumping on this and it means that there is a rise in urban farmers’ markets selling organic beef. You have heard the words organic beef, now here are some reasons why you should buy organic beef in Vancouver.

There is one thing that those who advocate for grass fed cattle and animal activists have in common. Both are adamant that we treat our livestock better. With organic beef, you can rest assured that the cattle used for sale as organic beef in Vancouver are treated very well their entire lives. The well-being of the animals is very important to the ranchers, because the better quality organic life, the better quality organic beef.

The environment also benefits from this approach of raising organic beef in Vancouver. The main problem of raising cattle for beef is not the gas emitted from cattle, but the water consumption and the fossil fuel for the machinery they use to plant and harvest rows and rows of corn and grain that goes purely for the consumption of caged cattle. Letting cattle feed on grass and walking the range has a multitude of benefits. It is not only good for the organic beef, it also cuts down on fossil fuel consumption and helps the growing of grass on the range.

The benefits are obvious, and buying organic beef in Vancouver is getting more and more convenient. There are farmers’ markets and grocery store chains that are now getting on board with the whole organic food trend and are stocking quality organic beef.

The best option, of course, is that you can go to a place that specialize in organic beef in Vancouver. Pasture to Plate only focuses on bringing Vancouver the best organic meat products sourced from their own Rafter 25 Ranch in Redstone, BC. They will also be able to answer any questions you might have about organic beef.