Upgrade Your Meal with Organic Beef

POSTED ON: May 18 ,2019

Did you know that you can still eat the same type of food but get additional health benefits when you go organic? This is particularly the case when it comes to meat. While you may have thought about cutting down on meat to get healthier, you can reap many benefits by switching to organic beef.

Organic beef is a simple and delicious way to upgrade your meal to one that is also nutritious. Beef contains many vitamins and minerals, but a lot of these are lost in the mass-produced kind you find at various grocery stores. This is due to the time it spends traveling as well as the way the livestock are raised, often injected with hormones and antibiotics to grow at a quicker rate, so there is a faster turnaround and a quicker profit.

At Pasture to Plate, this type of mass-produced beef production goes against everything we believe in. Our organic beef we sell in Vancouver and from our Pasture to Plate farm in rural BC is 100% certified organic. This means no hormones or questionable chemicals are consumed by our animals. Our livestock is grass-fed, so that the beef produced is completely natural. Not only are all of the appropriate vitamins and minerals retained, but this also produces beautiful marbling that creates a delicious taste.

We encourage you to buy our organic beef in Vancouver and try it out with your meal today. Whether you are making steak, burgers, or a pie, you don’t need to sacrifice eating the things you love in order to become healthier. You can continue to eat beef, just make sure the type you buy is organic beef.

Organic beef is available in Vancouver at our butcher shop located on Commercial Drive, a popular shopping district that most Vancouverites are familiar with, as well as from our Denman Street Grill location. Pick up some today and see for yourself just how much better it is than the regular beef you have been purchasing. Once you incorporate organic beef from Pasture to Plate into your meal, you will see that it really is an upgrade.