Think You Don’t Like Pork? Let Us Change Your Mind with Our Organic Pork in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Jun 03 ,2019

Pork is a meat that people can sometimes feel questionable about. However, this is generally because they are eating low-quality pork. Chewy, fatty pork is not pleasant in terms of taste or texture and often puts those who consume it off the meat altogether.

However, we are here to change your opinion about pork by introducing you to our organic pork in Vancouver. When you taste high quality meat like organic pork in Vancouver from the Pasture to Plate butcher, you will see just how delicious this meat truly can be.

Our pork comes from livestock that is grass finished and consumes only organic grade grain when necessary. Our pigs are not injected with hormones or given antibiotics, so they have a chance to grow naturally, leaving the meat as nature intended.

Trying a sausage or pork chop that is made cut from organic pork in Vancouver is an experience in itself. The meat is flavourful and succulent, and you’ll see just what you were missing if you turned your nose up at pork in the past. You could also try making some trendy and tasty pulled pork recipes with it, which will be sure to impress anybody else who tastes it as well.

Pork is such a surprisingly versatile meat and can go in everything from pies to Asian-inspired dishes. It’s also great value and can be frozen as well, when bought fresh.

Don’t waste your time in the kitchen and your culinary skills on low-grade meat. Your meal won’t be as satisfying and you won’t get the health benefits that are frequently associated with organic meat, such as the full range of nutrients.

Our Pasture to Plate butcher is located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Drop by and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff show you just how amazing our organic pork in Vancouver really is.

Sometimes it’s worth trying something again by going for a higher quality product. This is certainly the case with organic pork in Vancouver and we can’t wait for you to let us provide you with it.