The Year, Make the Switch to Organic Beef

POSTED ON: Feb 07 ,2019

As 2019 really starts to get rolling, we begin to assess those new year’s resolutions we made at the beginning of January. Many of us have taken a look at products we are consuming, especially when it comes to food, and vowed to eat stuff that is better for us.

One habit that is becoming increasingly popular is switching to organic beef. This comes with a whole host of benefits that the team here at Pasture to Plate can enthusiastically attest to.

We’ve been selling and serving organic beef in Vancouver from our ranch in Redstone, BC for many years. We’ve seen the benefits ourselves and our customers have passed on their thankfulness since making the move to organic beef.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the arguments as to why you should make the switch to organic beef this year.

Health Reasons

Non-organic beef can contain a lot more than just pure beef. Cattle are often pumped with various medications, like antibiotics and hormones, in order to keep them from getting sick while being kept in close quarters with other cattle and to make them grow quicker, so a profit can be turned at a faster pace. When you buy organic beef in Vancouver, that is all you are getting. There is nothing nasty in the beef that comes from Pasture to Plate, just delicious meat.

Environmental Reasons

At last, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the damage we have been doing to the environment and looking for ways in which to correct it. Some people cut down on red meat, as they know the mass production of this has been proven to damage the environment. However, by switching to locally produced organic meat, you will make a big difference to the environment and the carbon emissions that come from your meat consumption. Start buying organic beef and poultry and you will start making a difference.

Great Taste

One simple reason that plenty of people switch to organic beef is the fact that it tastes better. Hormones are used in mass produced meat, so the cattle grow at an unnatural rate, leaving a somewhat unnatural taste. You may not realize it at first, but once you try organic beef, you will notice exactly what real meat should taste like; succulent, tender and with just the right amount of fat marbled throughout. Don’t compromise on taste this year, make the move to organic beef.

Easy to Find

Lastly, organic beef is easy to find in Vancouver. We have a butcher shop selling delicious organic beef in Vancouver on Commercial Drive, and a Grill Restaurant where you can sample it, located on Denman Street in the West End. Both of these central locations are staffed by an extremely knowledgeable and passionate team that can give you even more information on the benefits of organic beef. Given how simple it is to get hold of organic beef in Vancouver, you have no excuse not to switch to it in 2019.