Pasture to Plate – The Best Place to Get Organic Turkey in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Mar 27 ,2019

Turkey is the meat of choice over the holiday season. Succulent, lean, and healthy, Thanksgiving or Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a bit of this delicious bird. However, not all turkey is the same and today we want to inform you of all of the amazing benefits of organic turkey in Vancouver.

At Pasture to Plate, we are proud suppliers of organic meat to our customers in Vancouver and the rest of BC. We raise all of our meat on our ranch in Redstone, BC. The animals are grass-fed most of the time and any other feed that they eat has been certified organic.

Why Serve Organic Turkey in Vancouver?

If you have your extended family coming over for a big meal, or you are keeping it simple with roommates, you know that no big meal over the season is complete without turkey. However, once you try organic turkey you will realize that your meal was missing something else all along.


Organic turkey tastes better and that’s just a fact. The birds grow to maturity naturally and the meat is much leaner. The breast, thigh, every part of your turkey, will be delicious. And, of course, the leftovers will taste amazing in a sandwich the next day.


The organic turkey you buy from us in Vancouver will also be healthier. We do not inject any hormones or antibiotics into our livestock. We know this can be unhealthy for both the animals and the people consuming them. The holiday season can be petty unhealthy as it is, what with all of the over indulgence that goes on, so don’t make yours any unhealthier by buying non-organic meat to serve at dinner.

Environmentally Friendlier

Lastly, organic turkey in Vancouver is much more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. You will not be contributing to factory faming, which involves huge numbers of animals being raised, and a lot of electricity being used, as well as a massive carbon footprint to transport them. At Pasture to Plate, our animals roam free, and we use environmentally friendly food for them when they are not eating directly off the land. A lot of us resolve to be more environmentally friendly the following year, but why not start a few weeks or days early with organic turkey in Vancouver?

Pick up your organic turkey in Vancouver at our Commercial Drive location today. Your family, friends, or whoever you are feeding this holiday season are sure to be impressed!