Organic Pork is Delicious, So Get Organic Pork in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Jan 06 ,2020

Everyone enjoys bacon, that delicious breakfast food that is also good on salads and sandwiches. Bacon makes everything better. If you want a better bacon, then it may be time to look for bacon made from organic pork. If you enjoy some good, juicy porkcust every once in a while, then you should consider switching to buying organic pork. You can easily find organic pork in Vancouver and once you have tried it, you will know why it is the better choice. Organic pork taste better, but it also is better for you, and it is better for the environment and the local economy. You can do something for your health, the health of the earth, and the health of local businesses just by switching to organic pork products, and the reward for you is better tasting and healthier bacon and chops.

Organic pork tastes good

Organic pigs get the same treatment and consideration as other organically raised animals. Better attention is paid to their diet and environment and they are raised to have happy lives. Happy, well-raised pigs mean less stress and that means more tender meat less chance of disease. This all adds up to better tasting meat. You can get some of the best bacon by simply curing the meat with natural salts and spices and smoke. No need for artificial flavours or additives. The organic pork will have a good enough flavour by itself.

Organic pork is good for you

All the reasons that make organic pork in Vancouver good tasting, also make it good for your health. This is because the meat you eat is not tainted by all the additives, hormones and antibiotics that are used in conventional pork. Organic pork is also dense with protein and therefore a little pork can go along way to giving you the daily required protein you need to stay healthy.

Organic pork is good for the local economy

The best organic pork will be the pork from local producers. This is because the pork won’t have to have traveled very far to get to your plate. This means that you not only fuel your body with delicious and healthy protein, you also fuel the local economy when you buy organic pork in Vancouver. When we help good people doing good things for our health, we help make our part of the world a better place. Let us also not forget that the less energy we use to get the pork to our tables, the better it is for the environment too.

Pasture to Plate is dedicated to bringing the best tasting organic meats from our local BC ranch to Vancouver for you to enjoy.