Nothing Beats Organic Grass Fed Meats

POSTED ON: Jan 23 ,2019

Animal activists have something in common with people raising animals for organic grass fed meats. The way the factory farms treat animals is terrible and should not happen. It is not good for the animals, it is not good for the environment, and it is not good for the people eating the meats that come from the animals. The fact is that, as with anything else, businesses will often do anything to maximize profits while keeping costs down and that sometimes can go against the laws of nature. Organic grass fed meats are better for you, the environment and the well being of the animal. This is why you should consider getting your meat from a place that sells organic grass fed meats.

The reason it is bad for the environment is because of all the extra work that goes into getting the feed for the animals. The planting, growing, and harvesting of the corn and other grains needed to feed the animals have a huge ecological footprint and can be terrible for the environment, not to mention the transporting of the grains to farms where the animals are kept.

It is bad for the animals because cattle are not supposed to primarily eat grains or corn. They are herbivores and should eat grass. Grains, and corn do make the animals fatter and that way you do get more meat per animal in a shorter amount of time, but it is not good for the animal and it is not good for the meat. Having animals eat what they are supposed to keeps them in the good state they were meant to be in and the difference can be tasted in the meat.

Organic grass fed meats sound like it should be a new idea, but it is actually a return to the way we are supposed to have been treating animals since we starting herding them together. When you shop for your weekly meat, look into organic grass fed meats you will absolutely experience a difference. A good place to get organic grass fed meats is at Pasture to Plate, where we specialize in organic meats and organic grass fed meats.