No More Excuses – Switch to Organic Beef

POSTED ON: Feb 26 ,2019

If you’ve been thinking about switching to organic beef, but keep coming up with excuses not to, it’s time to stop and just do it. Going with organic beef instead of the mass produced non-organic alternatives comes with a lot of advantages. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the myths associated with organic beef and dispel them for you.

It’s Harder to Find

Some people think that organic beef is hard to find, because it isn’t at their grocery store or local convenience market. However, if you live in Vancouver, it really couldn’t be easier. We have our butcher store located on Commercial Drive, an easy to reach shopping district in East Van that every Vancouverite knows about and probably visits regularly anyway. You don’t even need a car, as this area is easily accessed by transit and is very pedestrian and bike friendly.Even if you don’t find yourself there on a weekly basis, it’s easy to buy some organic beef from our Pasture to Plate store and keep it in your freezer for when you are ready to eat it.

It’s More Expensive

Organic beef isn’t that much pricier than its non-organic counterparts. Even if you do find yourself paying slightly more, it is because of all the health benefits that come with it. You will also be getting more real beef per pound instead of the mass-produced stuff that often has additives and is cultivated in an unnatural manner as the cattle are fed hormones and antibiotics to grow at an abnormal rate. The taste of the organic beef you buy is far more satiating so you will probably use less of it in your recipes as well, evening out the costs in the long run.

Organic beef is not only seriously delicious, as it has the right natural amount of meat and fat marbled throughout it, but it is also much better for your health and the environment. There are no excuses not to make this simple switch with one of the best suppliers in the province right here on your door step in Vancouver.