Think You Don’t Like Pork? Let Us Change Your Mind with Our Organic Pork in Vancouver

Jun 03 ,2019 WRITTEN BY admin

Pork is a meat that people can sometimes feel questionable about. However, this is generally because they are eating low-quality pork. Chewy, fatty pork is not pleasant in terms of taste or texture and often puts those who consume it off the meat altogether. However, we are here to change your opinion about pork by introducing you to our organic pork in Vancouver. When you taste high quality meat like organic pork in Vancouver from the Pasture to Plate butcher, you will see just how delicious this meat truly can be. Our pork comes from livestock that is grass finished and consumes only organic grade grain when necessary. Our pigs are not injected with hormones or given antibiotics, so they have a chance to grow … Read More

Three More Reasons to Eat Organic Pork

May 05 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

At Pasture to Plate, we frequently sing the praises of organic meat. We work hard to produce some of the best meat in British Columbia on our ranch in Redstone, situated by the Chilanko and Chilcotin rivers. Along with beef and chicken, we are incredibly proud of the beautiful organic pork that we sell and cook with at our restaurants. You may already know how great organic pork is. The benefits are often mentioned in our blog and at our stores. It is completely free from antibiotics and other nasty chemicals, and far more environmentally friendly. For those interested, here are three more reasons to eat organic pork, in case you haven’t been convinced already. Easier to Cook With Organic pork has the right amount … Read More

4 Surprising Facts About Organic Pigs You Probably Didn’t Know

Jan 17 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

Organic pork is becoming a much more popular product on the Canadian market, coming full circle from decades ago, before antibiotics and pesticides became the norm in agriculture. These days, pigs raised on organic farms are getting recognition for their more natural flavour, and healthy benefits that remain unaffected by any unwanted chemical interference. But apart from being positive for humans, this type of farming is also much better for pigs, who grow up with a much more natural lifestyle. In this article, we run through 4 facts about organic pigs and organic pork you probably didn’t know. 1. Organic Pigs Are Much Healthier Animals It might seem counterintuitive to presume that the organic pigs live a healthier life, considering organic pork is not exposed … Read More