Bone Broth Health Benefits

POSTED ON: Dec 16 ,2019

The thing that can kick your health and diet plan up a few notches may just be bone broth. This amazing liquid has terrific healthy qualities that make it perfect for sipping on a cold, rainy Vancouver morning. If you are sick, it could be just the thing you need to shake that cold,and if you are thinking of reducing your weight a bit, this can be the nutritious lunch that can get you there in a healthy way. Let’s discuss some of the health benefits of bone broth and where to get bone broth in Vancouver.

There are many health benefits to drinking bone broth. Bone broth has been known to be very good for joint pain and can even help with adding to your overall bone health. It also boosts your immune system and therefore you may not get sick as easily. If you do get sick, drinking some bone broth can help get you better faster. If that is not enough, some of the ingredients in bone broth can even help with supporting healthy skin and shiny, strong hair. All this amazingness from what is basically a slow cooked bone soup that you can make inexpensively and freeze until you want to drink it.

Making bone broth is simple but a bit time consuming. All you need is a good number of bones from either beef or lamb, or even a combination of the two. Roast the bones and then put them in water with flavourful elements such as carrots, celery, onions, bay leaves, pepper, and salt. Then simmer the broth on low for up to 12 to 18 hours. When done, strain the broth, keeping as much fat as you wish (as some fat is also good for you), and then store it in your fridge for up to 7 days or in your freezer for much longer. You can find more detailed recipes,but those are the basics of making a bone broth.

The time needed to make a good pot of bone broth can be a bit much when you are busy, so it is nice to know that there are places you can go to get ready made bone broth that you can bring home. For the best quality bone broth in Vancouver, it is always good to go organic and freshly made. Pasture to Plate has fresh bone broth ready to go from the store to your stove and into your healthy body.