No More Excuses – Switch to Organic Beef

Feb 26 ,2019 WRITTEN BY admin

If you’ve been thinking about switching to organic beef, but keep coming up with excuses not to, it’s time to stop and just do it. Going with organic beef instead of the mass produced non-organic alternatives comes with a lot of advantages. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the myths associated with organic beef and dispel them for you. It’s Harder to Find Some people think that organic beef is hard to find, because it isn’t at their grocery store or local convenience market. However, if you live in Vancouver, it really couldn’t be easier. We have our butcher store located on Commercial Drive, an easy to reach shopping district in East Van that every Vancouverite knows about and probably … Read More

The Year, Make the Switch to Organic Beef

Feb 07 ,2019 WRITTEN BY admin

As 2019 really starts to get rolling, we begin to assess those new year’s resolutions we made at the beginning of January. Many of us have taken a look at products we are consuming, especially when it comes to food, and vowed to eat stuff that is better for us. One habit that is becoming increasingly popular is switching to organic beef. This comes with a whole host of benefits that the team here at Pasture to Plate can enthusiastically attest to. We’ve been selling and serving organic beef in Vancouver from our ranch in Redstone, BC for many years. We’ve seen the benefits ourselves and our customers have passed on their thankfulness since making the move to organic beef. In this post, we’re going … Read More