Three Common Questions About Organic Beef

Jul 19 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

It’s hard to fathom that there once was a time when “organic beef” and “regular beef” were one and the same, but it’s true. As more and more unnatural chemicals and pesticides are added to our meat, poultry, and vegetables, we are confronted with the difficult task of becoming aware of what we choose to put into our own bodies, and being ever more responsible for what we cook for our kids and family. It’s normal to wonder about what you’re buying and consuming, so in this article we run through 3 of the questions we get asked all the time about our organic beef. 1. Why is organic beef better than conventional beef? Organic beef differs from conventional beef in one big way: it’s … Read More

Three Places to Find Our Organic Chicken

Jul 11 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

Pasture to Plate is one of the go-to sources in British Columbia for organic chicken. Our famed, completely organic poultry is healthy and flavourful. People all over the province come to us for our meat, including our amazing organic chicken. If you are interested in trying it yourself to see what all of the fuss is about, here are three places where you can find it: Commercial Drive In the city of Vancouver, you will find our butcher shop located in the heart of the thriving East-side neighbourhood. Our butcher on Commercial Drive serves a range of meat including organic chicken. We don’t use nitrates, phosphates, glucose, or fillers. Our meat is all natural and all organic. The location is easy to find and you … Read More