Why Organic Grass Fed Beef is Better

Jun 22 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

Organic grass fed beef has been gaining some serious momentum in recent years. Foodies and health bloggers alike don’t want to eat any other kind of beef as the benefits of grass fed are so much more alluring. At Pasture to Plate, grass fed beef is what we produce on our farm in Redstone BC. This fantastic meat is also available at our two locations in Vancouver; our butcher shop on Commercial Drive and our grill in the West End. If you are tempted to check it out, read on to find out just why grass fed beef is better. It’s Natural Grass is what nature intended cows to eat. Unfortunately, nowadays, mass produced meat is the result of some pretty dodgy fodder feed. This … Read More

Consider Lamb Bone Broth

Jun 05 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

The importance of soups, broths, and stock is not to be underestimated. So many cuisines rely on the traditional method of boiling bones and meat to extract their nutrients and vitamins while also keeping them palatable and digestible. Lamb bone broth is one of these important broths, the health effects of which stand to be very beneficial. Bones are very nutrient rich, especially those of lamb, which is not as often consumed in the typical North American diet. When you boil bones and meat for long periods of time, the inner marrow of the bone breaks down and collects in the water, allowing you to enjoy their nutritional benefits and the great taste. By consuming lamb bone broth, you ingest these valuable nutrients and vitamins, … Read More