Learn the Difference Between Organic Meat Certifications

Mar 22 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

With organic food in Vancouver and around the world rising in popularity every year, the number of organic certification programs has also expanded. It’s important to know what factors are considered in the following handful of organizations, so you know the scope of the certification and whether it aligns with your values for buying organic at your local store. For example, the American certification states that a product can be labelled organic if 70% of its contents are organic. Always double check the label to see if it meets your personal standards for organic. There are many different reasons why people choose to eat local and/or organic food in Vancouver, particularly organic meat. Not only is the process for organic meat healthier for the animals, … Read More

How Choosing Organic Grass Fed Meats is Good for Canadian Wildlife

Mar 17 ,2018 WRITTEN BY admin

One of the greatestbenefits organic farmers provide to the environmentis keeping their farms up to scratch with the high organic farming standards the Canadian government has established. We’ve discussed the health-giving benefits of organic grassfed meats before, so in this post we’ll delve a little further into why choosing to buy organic grass fed meats supports nature, by maintaining biodiversity in the surrounding wildlife. Healthier Soil Healthy soil has an abundance of living components in it, called ‘microbial biomass’. Consisting mostly of bacteria and fungi, microbial biomass eats up the residues of old crops and animal matter, releasing nutrients that contribute to good soil structure. Without this microbial biomass, the remnants of old crops would remain in the soil without being renewed for the next … Read More