5 Ideas for Marinating Your Organic Chicken in Vancouver

Nov 27 ,2017 WRITTEN BY admin

For those who aren’t already using marinade when they prepare their organic chicken in Vancouver, you aremissing out on added flavour opportunities. While organic chicken in Vancouver can certainly be a delicious proposition on its own, using marinades can be a great way of adding new flavour and excitement into your meal. Here are five ideas for marinating the next time you decide to have organic chicken in Vancouver. Lemon, pepper, and garlic One of the classics when it comes to marinating organic chicken in Vancouver is using a combination of lemon, pepper and garlic. While this is also great to add to the chicken while you cook it, leaving the flavour to seep in for several hours, or overnight, can make it even more … Read More

The Benefits of Choosing BC Beef

Nov 13 ,2017 WRITTEN BY admin

Have you considered where the beef you consume comes from? For many people, choosing to source locally, with BC beef, has become an important part of choosing their meat. While many people may eat a large percentage of BC beef anyway, there is a growing number of consumers who are choosing to only source from within British Columbia, particularly for organic, grass-fed BC Beef. In this article, we look at some of the top reasons and benefits to choosing BC beef, along with why you may want to make the permanent switch. Reason 1: Freshness A key reason that many people are choosing to use only BC beef is the added freshness that comes with it. As you are sourcing the meat from within your … Read More