Do You Know What Your Food Eats?

Jun 26 ,2017 WRITTEN BY admin

While the vast majority of people are concerned about the quality of the meat they eat, many of them rarely think about what these animals themselves are eating. And if they saying goes, “you are what you eat”, then maybe this is something that should be more of an area of focus. There are many different types of animal feed out there. These different forms of food most certainly contribute to the nutritious value and quality of meat that you consume. What goes into the animal when it eats will affect the final product that ends up on your plate, so it is something you should bear in mind the next time you shop. For non-organic, mass produced meat, the cattle are often fed a … Read More

Why Organic Beef in Vancouver is a Smart Choice

Jun 21 ,2017 WRITTEN BY admin

Are you intrigued with the rise of organic beef in Vancouver? Eager to know why so many people are making the switch to organic beef and other meats? In this article, we discuss the main reasons why people are making the decision to change their meat preferences. Fed 100% organic food In order to be determined organic beef, the livestock must only be fed 100% organic food. For those who are concerned about the food consumed by livestock before they are themselves consumed, this can become a key reason to choose organic beef in Vancouver. No growth hormones Growth hormones are one of the major talking points with livestock. You only have to look as far as some of the popular hamburger chains to see … Read More