Why to Choose an Organic Turkey for the Holidays

Nov 30 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

Are you looking for the perfect turkey this holiday season? Starting to put together your Christmas dinner menu and looking for that special main course? Buying the best turkey can be a harder proposition than first imagined, with there now being an even larger selection and variety of turkeys to choose from. Opting for an organic turkey is one of the options that is gaining increasing popularity in recent years and in this article we outline the reasons why many consumers have been switching. Supporting local If you choose to buy a local organic turkey in Vancouver, then you are also choosing to support your local farming community. Not only that, but you are also providing incentive for other organic farmers, as the more people … Read More

The Rising Popularity of Organic Grass Fed Meats

Nov 16 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

Meat has seen one of the largest shifts in the food industry in recent years, with organic grass fed meats becoming increasingly popular and sought after by many consumers. You only have to look around your local butcher shops to spot a noticeable increase in the amount of organic grass fed meats that are now stocked and available, but what are the main reasons behind this rise? Conscious consumers There are an increasing number of people who now identify themselves as being conscious consumers, which generally refers to being more aware of the products that they are eating and the potential impacts that this may have on their health. Additionally, these consumers are also questioning the process that the meat goes through before it arrives … Read More

What Does “Organic” really mean?

Nov 03 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

Everyone knows that Organic vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides, but you can’t use pesticides on livestock, so what makes organic meat “organic”? In order for their products to be considered organic, organic farms and ranches must follow strict rules and regulations, with little room for error or deceit. All certified organic farms and ranches are inspected annually by a third-party inspector to ensure that organic food production standards are maintained. Below, we’ll outline and explain all the guidelines that ensure your organic meat is truly organic. Must be raised organically on certified organic land: Being raised on organic land means that the pastures where the livestock are kept are not treated with pesticides, or other toxins. This ensures that the animals do … Read More