How to Find and Choose the Best Turkey in Vancouver

Sep 08 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

Whether you are looking to buy the best turkey in Vancouver for a special occasion, or you are already planning where to get your Christmas bird, we have the top pieces of advice for finding the best one available. Buy local Not only is buying local helping to support your community, but you are also taking an active step in cutting down the turkey’s carbon footprint. A local turkey is also often the freshest choice, making a local product a highly desirable selection. Free range Free range products are proving a more popular choice in recent years, as consumers are increasingly against the idea of birds and other animals being kept in cramped and detrimental conditions. Whether you are in favour of a free range … Read More

3 Delicious ways to serve your locally sourced Grass Fed Beef in Vancouver

Sep 07 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

It is so important to source your meat from a local, organic butcher. In a world where there are so many hormones, antibiotics and other unnecessary things added to food, we need to be more aware of what we are putting into our bodies than ever before. Fortunately, the Vancouver grass fed beef raised by Pasture to Plate is not only more nutritious than non-organic, free-range beef, it is also more delicious! So, why not make your grass fed beef taste as good as possible by preparing it with love. Here are just a few tantalizing recipe suggestions to make and share with your loved ones… Grass fed beef burgers A classic favourite, beef burgers are a hit with almost everybody – no matter their … Read More