Learn More About Our BC Chicken

Mar 16 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

Here at Pasture to Plate, we are famous for our succulent, grass-fed, all-natural British Columbia beef. However, did you know that we also sell quality, organic BC chicken too? Yes, at Pasture to Plate, our aim is to bring you meat in many different forms but with one thing in common — and that is that all of our meat is 100% organic certified. Located in our new barn, you will find our chicks which have been hatched from eggs from unmedicated and unvaccinated chickens. To keep our chickens’ meat organic, they are fed only organic food in the form of organic grain, sea salt and spring water — nothing else! Then once they are big enough, which is determined by their feather growth, they … Read More

Why Purchase Organic Meat?

Mar 02 ,2016 WRITTEN BY admin

These days it can be hard to tell what is good for us, and what is not good for us. There are so many conflicting reports coming out each week in the news about how carcinogenic some food is, when we were previously told it was beneficial, or not impactful to our health. It can be exhausting and often downright confusing trying to keep up with how to give our bodies the nourishment they need to be strong and health and to fight against chronic diseases and infections. One thing is certain though – organic meat is the only choice for anybody who is health conscious. There has been much debate for a long time over the difference between non-organic meat versus organic, however the … Read More