Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming [from the Greek words “bios” (life) and “dynamis” (energy)] first came into being in Germany in the 1920’s. German farmers were becoming increasingly concerned with the degradation of soil quality and the declining health of crops and livestock due to overuse and the introduction of chemical fertilizers.  And this was almost a century ago!


Biodynamic farming emphasizes the importance of soil health in successful organic agriculture. Organic manures, composts and sprays are used exclusively, in lieu of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Special attention is focused on the natural rhythms of the land, and timing agricultural activities with these cycles.

Below is a list of the eight biodynamic preparations recommended by Rudolf Steiner and applied on Rafter 25 land

Preparation 500 (cow horn dung)

The Preparation 500 will promote root activity and increase earthworm activity. Helps germinate seeds. Stimulates soil microorganisms and increase PH level up to 6.5

Preparation 501 Silica

Preparation 501 promotes color, aroma, flavor and storage qualities.

Preparation 502 Yarrow

This Preparation brings in light forces to the soil in form of potassium and sulphur and many trace elements.

Preparation 503 Chamomile

This Preparation promotes a good breakdown of the proteins in the compost to humic plant nutrients and prevents protein from becoming ammonia. It also brings calcium.

Preparation 504 Stinging Nettle

This Preparation will stimulate soil health and brings minerals to the plant.

Preparation 505 Oak Bark

This Preparation will promote healing powers and combat diseases.

Oak bark has a high percentage of calcium.

Preparation 506 Dandelion

Preparation 506 gives the soil a living, ethereal quality, with the ability to supply the substance the plant needs.

Preparation 507 Valerian

Preparation 507 stimulates the compost activity (increased phosphate activity) and also brings warmth to the plant.

Preparation 508 Horsetail

Preparation 508 helps when fungus is a problem.

 Maria Thun Barrel Compost 

This is a combination of all the preparations.