KiNiKiNiK Restaurant will be closed on June 21 for our Staff Appreciation Day!

Where to Find Us

Join us for wood fired, all organic Pizza, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights!


The KINIKINIK RESTAURANT, STORE AND ACCOMMODATIONS are situated in Redstone between the Chilancoh and Chilcotin rivers right along Highway 20, the route 40 connector to Bella Coola and the Pacific Ocean. You cannot miss this beautiful timber frame building created by Oliver Tritten and Company, no matter what. Stop and park in the very generous parking  provided on both sides of the highway. For your four legged friend there is a messaging pole surrounded by a sand “deposit pit” and readily available litter bags. Take a stroll around the beautifully landscaped area (keep your friend on a leash, please) cross over the waterfall via the “Lover’s Bridge” to the children’s playgrounds. You will see that Kinikinik has a live roof, which is reminiscent of the historical sod roofs of times gone by. Finally the path will take you back to the restaurant, where wholesome food made from scratch, with all certified organic ingredients, is being served. All of the meats are as local as it can get, all from PASTURE TO PLATE, processed by Chilcotin Harvest a stone’s throw away. The animals were born and grown and fattened on Rafter 25 Ranch land, on which KINIKINIK and Chilcotin Harvest are also situated. The handsome timber framed River House and three beautiful cottages, built in the same style, are for rent.  While you are waiting for your meal, you are welcome to browse through the Kinikinik Store, where you will find beautiful Icebreaker clothing, a selection of PASTURE TO PLATE meats with a handsome “no transport” discount of 20% and mostly certified organic preserved foods, beeswax candles and many practical and beautiful kitchen utensils, etc. You can also buy a padlock with your beloved, to lock onto the railing of the “Lover’s Bridge” and throw the key into the pond…