Will 2017 Be the Year of Organic Meat?

POSTED ON: Feb 07 ,2017

For those of you who have been following food trends in recent years, you will be aware that organic meat has become one of the most popular and fastest growing sectors in the industry.

So, what is stopping a further increase in organic meat consumption?

There are two fundamental reasons why people cite as reasons for not choosing organic meat, which is the cost and its availability.

As an increasing number of people opt for organic meat, which is a trend that looks set to continue, both of these fundamental reasons will start to disappear. The larger demand will mean that more providers will switch to organic methods, which in turn will provide more competition and lower the cost to the consumer.

In addition to this, it will also mean that organic meat is more widespread than it is currently, with a larger selection and availability than at present. When there is a larger market of consumers to support more organic food outlets, then more such businesses can be successful and expand to new locations. Here are three of the main reasons people are switching to organic meat.


With a larger sector of the public becoming more active in their environmental concerns, organic meat presents a friendlier option for the earth, as there is less pollution and soil erosion generally caused by organic farming practices.

Hormone and antibiotic free

For the health conscious, organic provides a way of consuming meat without added hormones and antibiotics, which can be harmful to the human body. As the public becomes more aware of what is in their food, including meat, the shift towards organic looks set to continue.

The taste and freshness

Last, though certainly not least, is the added level of flavour and freshness that organic meat provides. If you aren’t convinced, then why not try a taste test, as you’ll likely be surprised at just how much more tender and flavourful it can be.