Why Settle for Less? Organic Beef is Easy to Find in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Jan 03 ,2018

Today’s consumer is more food-conscious and health-conscious than ever before, which is why more of us are consistently choosing organic foods. Think about it: if you were taking your kids out to dinner at a nice restaurant, would you choose to buy beef that wasn’t raised in a pasture? Would you shy away from the grass-fed beef, ask them to get the alternative option? You certainly wouldn’t! And why should you, if the option was right there? After all, organic beef products not only taste better, but they are more nutritious.

Why Eat Organic Beef?

There’s a lot of hype and confusion over how the quality of the meat is affected by the lifestyle of the animal. In Vancouver, organic beef seems like the obvious choice. We’re health conscious. We’re active. We like to support our local farmers. Still, though, in this expensive city, taking the time to find the right meats can seem like a hassle. This means that it’s even more important to listen to the reason that choosing organic beef is best. These include the facts that:

  • Organic grass-finished cows have higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which means it takes less time for your stomach to know you are full. This can help prevent over-eating
  • Organic regulations dictate that there be no use of antibiotics and that all food sources for the cattle be organic, which means that if you buy organic, you will not be ingesting these potentially harmful pesticides and antibiotics.

That’s right, you might not even feel full if you don’t eat organic grass-finished beef! So next time you’re grilling up some juicy steaks on the barbeque or making hamburger patties for a picnic, choose organicbeef.

Organic Beef That Travels Straight From Our Pasture to Your Plate

When you buy your organic beef products from our team at Pasture to Plate, you will not only contribute to a local BC business, but to the future of your children, and the future of this province. Located in beautiful Redstone, BC, we support the vitality of British Columbia over all else, which is why we don’t ship out of province. With the average steak travelling 5000 KM to get to its consumer, we have decided to veer away from the norm. This means our meat is in season, high-quality, and sometimes travels as few as 10 KM before it reaches its final destination. Look for our organic beef products in Vancouver. We have locations on Denman Street, at our Grills, Broth and Deli, and on Commercial Drive at our whole animal butcher shop.