Why Organic Grass Fed Beef is Better

POSTED ON: Jun 22 ,2018

Organic grass fed beef has been gaining some serious momentum in recent years. Foodies and health bloggers alike don’t want to eat any other kind of beef as the benefits of grass fed are so much more alluring.

At Pasture to Plate, grass fed beef is what we produce on our farm in Redstone BC. This fantastic meat is also available at our two locations in Vancouver; our butcher shop on Commercial Drive and our grill in the West End. If you are tempted to check it out, read on to find out just why grass fed beef is better.

It’s Natural

Grass is what nature intended cows to eat. Unfortunately, nowadays, mass produced meat is the result of some pretty dodgy fodder feed. This can consist of anything from not too suspicious sounding grains to red Skittles. No, we’re not joking. You probably don’t eat much candy yourself any more so why should you have to indirectly ingest it through your meat? Grass fed beef from Pasture to Plate is totally organic and does not contain any funky chemicals or antibiotics.

It’s Tastier

The honest truth is that grass fed beef is tastier. The animal is given time to grow at a natural rate, meaning that the muscle and fat develops the way it should. You will be able to tell the difference between grass fed beef and the artificial tasting mass produced beef once you start consuming organic meat. Once you introduce grass fed beef into your diet, your body will thank you and your home cooked meals will become a lot more exciting.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Having cows roam naturally on the land doesn’t require large herds, expansive lock ups and transporting cattle feed across provinces. Grass fed beef is so much more environmentally friendly than its antibiotic-loaded, mass-produced counterpart. We try our best to look after the environment at Pasture to Plate and implement as many environmentally-sound techniques as possible into our beef production.

For more information on grass fed beef, check out our website or call into one of our stores or our farm to learn more.