Why Organic Beef in Vancouver is a Smart Choice

POSTED ON: Jun 21 ,2017

Are you intrigued with the rise of organic beef in Vancouver? Eager to know why so many people are making the switch to organic beef and other meats? In this article, we discuss the main reasons why people are making the decision to change their meat preferences.

Fed 100% organic food

In order to be determined organic beef, the livestock must only be fed 100% organic food. For those who are concerned about the food consumed by livestock before they are themselves consumed, this can become a key reason to choose organic beef in Vancouver.

No growth hormones

Growth hormones are one of the major talking points with livestock. You only have to look as far as some of the popular hamburger chains to see that many are introducing hormone-free meat on their menus. They know this has a large appeal with consumers, which is another reason for the growing popularity of organic beef.

No antibiotics

Many people are concerned about the use of antibiotics in their food, particularly when it comes to livestock. Organic beef prohibits the use of any antibiotics, adding to its increasing popularity.

Humane treatment

To be specified as being organic beef, the livestock must be treated in a humane fashion at all times. This includes having to pass regular inspections, which are conducted by an independent certification body, as well as having access to outdoor grazing.

No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides used in the growing of livestock feed

Another benefit of organic beef in Vancouver, is the animal feed can’t have been raised on land treated with chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Those who are concerned with the environment, as well as what they ingest, find this is a particularly strong argument for choosing organic beef, as they know the problems pesticides can cause.

No animal by-products in livestock feed

Staying on the topic of livestock feed, organic beef is also free of animal by-products for the feed that is used. This is of great benefit and assurance for those that are concerned with the welfare of animals and livestock.

The last word

Organic beef in Vancouver represents a smart and ethical choice, regardless of the reasons why you choose this quality meat.

The next time you are shopping for meat, why not make a conscious decision to opt for organic beef in Vancouver.