Why Is Organic Food So Popular In Vancouver?

POSTED ON: May 09 ,2016

Organic food is making waves all over the world, but there is one city in particular that has harnessed this food trend. Vancouver has embraced organic food in a way that few other regions have and we are going to explore why this is.

At Pasture to Plate, owners Felix and Jasmin Schellenberg moved from Switzerland to set up a farm in BC. With all of the fabulous natural space providing plenty of green pasture, it was an obvious choice. Located in the countryside, we offer a non-transportation discount to those who purchase directly from our farm at Redstone, BC, but we also offer customers a chance to buy our delicious organic meat at our store located in the vibrant Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

It is in this neighbourhood that we have noticed people traveling from all areas of Vancouver to sample our organic meat. Organic food in Vancouver is more than just a trend at this stage; it is something that has made its way into part of the everyday lifestyle of many Vancouverites.

Health Conscious

Many people in this city are very health conscious, so the popularity of organic food in Vancouver makes sense. People are extremely considerate of what they are putting into their bodies and they don’t want to indirectly eat nasty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. At Pasture to Plate, we do not administer any antibiotics or pharmaceuticals to our herds. They are also fed organic grain, as well as spending much of their time in natural pasture, so they do not consume pesticides either. This fits in with the ethos of what locals in Vancouver want to be eating.


Vancouver is a city of foodies, so naturally organic food in Vancouver is a popular choice, given how delicious it is. Organic food tastes better because it is natural and doesn’t have anything else added to it to act as a preservative. Our organic meat at Pasture to Plate is nicely marbled with fat and tasty and juicy. You will find that many top restaurants in Vancouver serve organic food because it is simply the superior choice.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic food in Vancouver is better for the environment. Organic farms are generally smaller and they also use a lot less resources than say, chicken that is mass-produced and packaged. Organic food doesn’t use preservatives, so it generally won’t travel too far from its source, cutting down on carbon emissions. Vancouverites are some of the forerunners when it comes to things like recycling, car sharing and composting, so organic food in Vancouver is another way that they can help preserve our beautiful environment.

Farmer’s markets

Vancouverites just love farmer’s markets. There are so many of them happening throughout the city, year round, at places like the PNE, Trout Lake Park, the West End and Kitsilano. There is a fantastic selection of gorgeous organic food in Vancouver at these farmer’s markets, making it an ideal place to do your weekly grocery shop as a Vancouver resident.

If you are a Vancouverite and have yet to discover the joy of organic food in Vancouver, drop by our Commercial Drive store and pick up some of our delicious organic meat today.