Vancouverites, Why Buy Grass Fed Beef?

POSTED ON: May 21 ,2018

We know how important protein is for our diets. However, it is also important that we choose the source of this protein carefully. When we consume beef, we want to get the best from it. That means all of the delicious and healthy nutrients without any nasty additions that we are unfortunately finding more frequently in our supermarket and cheap meats.

At Pasture to Plate, we provide organic beef and grass fed beef to our Vancouver customers so that they can get all of the benefits of the meat. It is this type of cattle rearing that offers customers in Vancouver the best possible beef without any disadvantages.

Non-organic beef is often pumped with unnecessary chemicals. This is because things like antibiotics and hormones cause the animals to grow at a quicker rate, and unnaturally big and fatty. Large suppliers see this as being profitable, as they can sell more beef in a quicker period, even if the quality of the product that they are selling is diminished.

As a customer, you really should be concerned about the quality of the meat that you are consuming. If you wouldn’t take these types of antibiotics or hormones yourself, then you should not buy meat that could have you indirectly consuming them. Luckily, there is a very simple way to avoid this and it is right at your doorstep in Vancouver!

Pasture to Plate has a butcher shop in Vancouver, right on Commercial Drive. This store can be accessed by Skytrain, bus, car, foot, or bike, so you have no excuse not to pay a visit. Here, we sell only organic beef to our loyal customers. Grass fed beef bought in Vancouver at our store is the best way to get your protein without any harmful additions.

Visiting our store, or our grill on Denman Street, allows you to consume some of the healthiest and most delicious meat on the market. Don’t compromise on quality and flavour when it is so easy to do the right thing. Get grass fed beef in Vancouver and get your protein delivered in one of the yummiest ways imaginable.

Our customers always state that once you start buying organic beef then you can’t go back. Why not try our grass fed beef in Vancouver yourself and see what all of the fuss is about? Take control of your protein consumption and you will feel the better for it.