Three Places to Find Our Organic Chicken

POSTED ON: Jul 11 ,2018

Pasture to Plate is one of the go-to sources in British Columbia for organic chicken. Our famed, completely organic poultry is healthy and flavourful. People all over the province come to us for our meat, including our amazing organic chicken. If you are interested in trying it yourself to see what all of the fuss is about, here are three places where you can find it:

Commercial Drive

In the city of Vancouver, you will find our butcher shop located in the heart of the thriving East-side neighbourhood. Our butcher on Commercial Drive serves a range of meat including organic chicken. We don’t use nitrates, phosphates, glucose, or fillers. Our meat is all natural and all organic. The location is easy to find and you can travel there by Skytrain, foot, car, or bike. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and will serve you your organic chicken with a smile and offer up any information that you need regarding it.

Denman Street

The newest member of our Pasture to Plate family is located on Denman Street. This sunny West End spot is located Downtown only a stone’s throw from the beach. Our Denman Street location is a casual grill restaurant and take out spot. Here you will find a menu full of dishes containing our incredible organic meat. If it’s our organic chicken that you’re after, check out our Rancher’s Feast, or ask your server.


The final place to find our organic chicken is on our ranch in Redstone, BC. This is an excuse to get out of the city and stay at Kinikikik, our charming accommodations and eat on site at our restaurant. Here you can try our organic chicken straight from the source and also take some back to the city with you when you leave.

Eating organic is really all it’s cracked up to be, especially when it comes to meat. So now that you know where to find it, why not stop by a Pasture to Plate location today? Once you try our organic chicken the only question on your mind will be what took you so long!