Three More Reasons to Eat Organic Pork

POSTED ON: May 05 ,2018

At Pasture to Plate, we frequently sing the praises of organic meat. We work hard to produce some of the best meat in British Columbia on our ranch in Redstone, situated by the Chilanko and Chilcotin rivers. Along with beef and chicken, we are incredibly proud of the beautiful organic pork that we sell and cook with at our restaurants.

You may already know how great organic pork is. The benefits are often mentioned in our blog and at our stores. It is completely free from antibiotics and other nasty chemicals, and far more environmentally friendly. For those interested, here are three more reasons to eat organic pork, in case you haven’t been convinced already.

Easier to Cook With

Organic pork has the right amount of fat marbling, as the pigs are raised at a rate that coincides with their natural development, instead of being forced to grow quickly with hormones. This means that organic pork is an absolute dream to cook with. It responds very well to slow cooking, so pulled pork tastes delicious. It is also wonderful when used as sausage meat. We encourage all home cooks to use organic pork and see the difference for themselves. Making a delicious and healthy meal has never been easier.

The Animals Were Treated with Respect

When animals are raised in an organic, grass finished environment, they are raised in a happy environment. All of our animals are treated with respect and live happy lives, with access to the sunshine and our wonderful pastures, as well as shelter in the winter when they need it. Their own food is a delicious mix of natural grass found in our fields and organic grain, so that the animals are consuming organic food as well.

It is Readily Available in Your City

You don’t need to go to Redstone BC to get our organic meat. You may already know about our organic butcher shop on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. This is where home cooks and restaurant chefs buy some of the greatest organic meat in the city. You can also taste our delicious organic pork at our West End Grill on Denman Street,where we serve up fabulous food in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, right by the Pacific Ocean.

For more information on our organic pork and the rest of our products, visit our store, restaurant, or ranch today.