Three Common Questions About Organic Beef

POSTED ON: Jul 19 ,2018

It’s hard to fathom that there once was a time when “organic beef” and “regular beef” were one and the same, but it’s true. As more and more unnatural chemicals and pesticides are added to our meat, poultry, and vegetables, we are confronted with the difficult task of becoming aware of what we choose to put into our own bodies, and being ever more responsible for what we cook for our kids and family. It’s normal to wonder about what you’re buying and consuming, so in this article we run through 3 of the questions we get asked all the time about our organic beef.

1. Why is organic beef better than conventional beef?

Organic beef differs from conventional beef in one big way: it’s exactly what it claims to be, and no extras. With organic beef, the entire life cycle of the animal is completely chemical-free, from the nutritional food it grazes on, to the natural growth stages it experiences. At no point are growth hormones injected to increase weight and size, nor are antibiotics ever administered; this differs from conventional beef, which contains potentially harmful growth hormones and chemicals of which researchers are still trying to figure out the long term effects.

2. Isn’t organic beef more expensive?

Simply put, yes, organic beef is more expensive. However, this is not due to greed on the part of the farmers or distributors, it comes down to the fact that supplying organic beef is more labor intensive in general. Organic farmers need significantly more time and space to bring an animal to maturity in a spacious and protected environment. On top of that, organic beef comes from cattle that are smaller, so there is less supply of the product for farmers to sell. Here’s an easy quip to remember and stick by: if your meat is cheap, there’s a reason for it.

3. Does organic beef taste any different?

One of the many differences between organic and regular beef is the food the animal eats, and this does, to a certain extent, affect the flavor of the meat. Many opinions have concluded that organic beef is juicier, with a more flavorful, rich taste, but the only way to really know is to let your own taste buds do the testing. For our part, we think it is delicious, natural, and real – just as our ancestors enjoyed it.