The Best Bone Broth Vancouver Can Offer

POSTED ON: Oct 25 ,2018

It is coming on to winter time and that means there will be more soups and stews than salads at the dinner table. What can be better than coming home to a steaming bowl of warm beef stew and dumplings that you eat with fresh rolls and butter. Or for a special occasion, there is a delicious French onion soup with that delectable cheesy topping that can melt even the coldest of Vancouver nights. Nothing says comfort more than a pot on the stove, simmering with amazing smells rising from it. Any chef worth his salt will tell you that the secret to any good stew or soup is in the broth. A good bone broth takes a time to make from scratch, but it is worth it. You have the perfect soup recipe.Now you should get best bone broth Vancouver has to offer to bring it all together.

A good bone broth will use the best ingredients. Starting with roasting the bones, then putting them in a pot along with fresh carrots, onions and celery, peppercorns and salt.Then cover everything with water and start to simmer it. Depending on the kind of bone broth, a different set of herbs may be added along with salt and pepper, but the key here is the extremely slow simmer. Chicken bone broth can take anywhere between 8 and 24 hours and a good beef bone broth can take as long as 72 hours to make a decent batch of bone broth. Not many of us have that kind of time to spend on broth making, so having a good source for bone broth in Vancouver is a good idea.

The taste is amazing, but let us not forget about the health benefits that come with having good bone broth in the house. Aside from having a comforting effect on the patient, bone broth has been known to alleviate the common cold, boost immunity, and improve hydration.

To make sure that your bone broth has the best ingredients, look for a place that sells organic bone broth. This will be just an added health and taste benefit and you can then rest assured your soups and stews will have the best base you can provide. A place like Pasture to Plate is a good place to look for organic bone broth in Vancouver.