The Benefits of Choosing BC Beef

POSTED ON: Nov 13 ,2017

Have you considered where the beef you consume comes from? For many people, choosing to source locally, with BC beef, has become an important part of choosing their meat.

While many people may eat a large percentage of BC beef anyway, there is a growing number of consumers who are choosing to only source from within British Columbia, particularly for organic, grass-fed BC Beef. In this article, we look at some of the top reasons and benefits to choosing BC beef, along with why you may want to make the permanent switch.

Reason 1: Freshness

A key reason that many people are choosing to use only BC beef is the added freshness that comes with it. As you are sourcing the meat from within your own province and country, it has less distance to travel to your plate.

This will regularly end up in being a cut of meat that is far superior in terms of freshness, along with taste, which we will cover later.

Reason 2: Supporting local

Another of the popular reasons in choosing BC beef is that you are supporting the local farmers and businesses within your province and community. This remains a strong pull for many, as supporting local has never been as popular than it is currently.

Reason 3: Reduced environmental impacts

When choosing to eat BC beef you are also making a positive environmental decision, too. As the meat requires less energy to get to your plate, the more locally you are able to source the BC beef, then the less impact on the environment it has, in terms of transport.

Reason 4: Taste

Another point, which may be subjective, is that many people claim the taste of BC beef is far superior to any other. For those who haven’t sampled BC beef or compared it to other types, it is well worth trying out, as you may become a lifelong fan of BC beef.

Reason 5: Ease of availability

Lastly, BC beef is easily available in many different outlets, supermarkets, and specialty stores. There really is no reason not to try it, so why not put BC beef on your next shopping list?

Rounding up

With so many great reasons to eat BC beef, its popularity looks set to continue rising, as more people decide to choose freshness, supporting local, reduced environmental impacts, and a better taste for their meat.