Spring Clean Your Plate with Organic Chicken

POSTED ON: Apr 05 ,2018

Spring seems to be finally making its way to British Columbia after a long and harsh Winter. It is around this time of year that we focus on improvements, often with a ‘spring clean’ around our homes or work places. At Pasture to Plate we also encourage you to ‘spring clean’ your diet and start incorporating some clean, organic meat into it, if you haven’t already.

Organic chicken is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to start to bring organic meat into your diet. After all, chicken is the most widely consumed meat in the world, so you probably already eat in regularly. However, given its popularity, chicken also tends to be mass produced, meaning it can be farmed in a cruel and unhealthy manner, with medications and hormones consumed by the chickens in order for them to grow bigger and quicker.

At Pasture to Plate, we provide you with fully-certified organic chicken in Vancouver. This is chicken that has been raised in an entirely organic environment that is cruelty free and promotes heathy, delicious poultry meat. By feeding our chicken just natural forage and organic grains, they grow naturally, without the assistance of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals that are so often added to chickens in the non-organic industry.

Organic chicken in Vancouver can be found at our butcher shop on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. You will also find it served at our Denman Street Grill in the West End. All of our organic chicken in Vancouver comes directly from our Rafter 25 Ranch, located in Redstone, British Columbia. You can also purchase directly from our ranch, or dine at our Redstone restaurant, KINIKINIK.

By consuming organic chicken, you are also doing the environment a favour, as by-products containing nasty chemicals will not be leftover after the farming process. While we certainly don’t want to have to consume these themselves, we shouldn’t want the natural environment to have to consume them either.

For some, organic chicken is worth it just for the taste alone. It tastes they way chicken should taste, instead of bland and processed like its mass-produced counterparts. Try incorporating it into some classic springtime recipes, such as lemon chicken with asparagus or other seasonal greens. This type of diet ‘spring clean’ is not nearly as tedious as actual tidying up, and we believe you will be extremely satisfied with the results!