Putting Food First Over the Holidays

POSTED ON: Apr 30 ,2019

Cooking for a large number of guests over the holidays can be challenging, and it can be tempting to choose convenience over quality, but you don’t need to sacrifice your health conscious values in order to prepare a delicious meal – there are options available for healthier, tastier, organic turkey in Vancouver.

Keeping our bodies and our planet healthy starts with one person at a time making conscious, environmentally friendly choices. The changes are happening all around us; we no longer use plastic bags at the grocery store, we carefully shop for produce that is organic and free from pesticides, and we carefully read the labels on ready-made items to ensure that the ingredients are friendly and sustainable. It makes sense that the next place we should focus our attention is ethically raised, organic meats and poultry, including organic turkey. So, the question is, what differentiates organic turkey form what we typically find in the grocery store aisle?

Commercially produced turkeys are fed a diet that generally includes heavily-processed, high-protein feed intended to fatten the birds quickly. Grass fed, organic turkey in Vancouver is feed an organic, locally sourced grain feed, as well as having access to natural forage . This will result in the birds taking more time to grow to their ideal weight, however the end result is a healthier bird and a happier planet.

Organic turkeys in Vancouver are pasture raised and fed and are free to roam. You can feel good knowing that the bird was humanly and well cared for. Commercially raised turkeys are often raised in abhorrent conditions, with the sole focus being on growing them as quickly and as cheaply as possible. While the commercially raised turkey will cost less, when you choose to purchase an organic turkey in Vancouver, you can rest assured that not only are you are getting the highest quality turkey available, but that it was raised humanely.

The turkey is usually the star of your holiday meal, so spend the extra money here, where it really counts, on a great quality organic turkey, and consider cutting costs on other areas of the meal, perhaps with the dessert, which no one ever really has room for anyway! Not only will you be getting a higher quality, better tasting bird, but you will feel good about it too.