Organic Meat in Vancouver: Where Do You Start?

POSTED ON: Apr 24 ,2018

We’ve all had the scare tactics from the media, pushing us away from eating meat that was supposedly pumped full of hormones. While these claims may not apply to all producers, there are clear benefits to eating organic meat products, and in Vancouver, they’re fortunately pretty easy to find. Between the increased healthfulness of organic meat and the benefit to the environment, there is no downside to choosing organic meat products.

Whether you’re making a hearty beef stew, looking for the most flavorful steak, or seeking a juicy chicken for your Sunday family dinner, choose organic meat products for a meal to remember.

Not Just a Trend

Whether it’s avocado toast or quinoa, it’s hard to keep track of food trends these days. However, organic food products have proven benefits – especially organic meat products. Aside from the poor farming practices we hear of in non-organic farms, there are clear benefits to eating organic meat. These include:

Grass-fed chickens and cows have higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for balancing out harmful Omega-6 fatty acids in our diets.

Organic regulations dictate that there be lower portions of additives, which means that if you buy organic, you will have a higher percentage of meat and a lower percentage of water and other fillers

Many people think that finding quality organic meat in Vancouver will be difficult, but these days it is more widely available, including at our Whole Animal Butcher Shop on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Organic, Grass Fed Meats in Vancouver

On average, meat products travel 5000 KM to get to the consumer, but at P2P, we have decided to buck this trend. This means the organic meat you buy from us in Vancouver comes fresh from our ranch in Redstone, BC. Look for our organic meat products in Vancouver. We have locations for dining on Denman Street and for take home meat products onCommercial Drive.

When you buy your organic meat products from Pasture to Plate, you will not only contribute to the local economy, but to preserving the environment in British Columbia. Located in beautiful Red stone, BC, we at Pasture to Plate practice sustainable farming and focus on province-wide sales, reducing our environmental impact. Choose organic meat in Vancouver for the taste, the health benefits, and the environmental benefits.