How People Are Taking Their Lamb Bone Broth

POSTED ON: Oct 31 ,2017

We’ve already preached the many benefits of lamb bone broth to you. It is full of amazing nutrients, protein, and electrolytes, and it benefits us by helping to create a healthy body,particularly with nutrients that are good for our bones and skin. It also helps in making us feel nice and full.

Did we mention that it is absolutely delicious? It is also super easy to make, as you can just leave it bubbling away as you go about your day. And you will not have a guilty conscience when you make it, as you are using up as much of the lamb as possible, meaning nothing goes to waste!

In this post, we’re going to give you a few examples of how people are taking their bone broth and hopefully encourage you to incorporate it into your own diet.

In Soups and Stews

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get some lamb bone broth in your diet. People are making this staple even more delicious by using it as a stock for soups and stews. Not only does it add a beautifully rich taste, it is also bringing more nutrients to the dish.

In Sauces

Another popular way to get some lamb bone broth into a recipe is to add it to a sauce, instead of water. Depending on how thick or thin you want your sauce, you can add a few teaspoons to a couple of cups of lamb bone broth, to increase its nutritional profile.

On Its Own

Don’t forget, it is entirely possible to drink lamb bone broth on its own. This simple broth makes a great and warming pick me up mid-afternoon, especially if you don’t want to snack on something unhealthy. Many people even sip lamb bone broth throughout the day as a way to increase their intake of this wonderful liquid.

If you have any other ways that you are taking your lamb bone broth, please let us know. At Pasture to Plate, we are always interested to hear how customers incorporate it into their recipes. We want as many people as possible consuming this wonderfully delicious, nutritious, and environmentally friendly liquid.

And if you haven’t tried it, make sure to pick up some lamb on the bone from our butcher on Commercial Drive, in the heart of East Vancouver. We can guarantee it will only be a matter of time before you start incorporating it into your own dishes.