How Choosing Organic Grass Fed Meats is Good for Canadian Wildlife

POSTED ON: Mar 17 ,2018

One of the greatestbenefits organic farmers provide to the environmentis keeping their farms up to scratch with the high organic farming standards the Canadian government has established. We’ve discussed the health-giving benefits of organic grassfed meats before, so in this post we’ll delve a little further into why choosing to buy organic grass fed meats supports nature, by maintaining biodiversity in the surrounding wildlife.

Healthier Soil

Healthy soil has an abundance of living components in it, called ‘microbial biomass’. Consisting mostly of bacteria and fungi, microbial biomass eats up the residues of old crops and animal matter, releasing nutrients that contribute to good soil structure. Without this microbial biomass, the remnants of old crops would remain in the soil without being renewed for the next yield of crops. Studies have found that organic farms, including those that produce organic grass fed meats, have much higher numbers and diversity of microbial biomass.

Greater Invertebrate Biodiversity

The number and variation of spiders, butterflies, bees, and worms are much greater in organic farms. In the absence of pesticides that are used in conventional farms, these essential, natural parts of the environment are allowedto survive and thrive. More than that, the larger number of predatory insects means that smaller insects which feed on crops are lowered, which is a big positive for farmers.

Greater Bird life Biodiversity

With a higher number of insects, comes a greater diversity of bird species. Regardless of whether fields are used for crops or for raising animals to produce organic grass fed meats, the quantity and diversity of bird species is increased by the much less invasive practices of organic farming.

Better Landscape

Organic farms tend to be located indifferent types of landscapes, with smaller fields, fuller hedgerows, and less cutting of this wild foliage. Known as nature’s corridors, these hedgerows exist for all kinds of birds and mammals to move and seek shelter in, providing vital protection for wildlife. Since organic farms tend not to interfere with these essential areas, the complexity of the environment surrounding organic farms is much more varied and natural than the spaces that encompass conventional farms.

In review

By opting to support organic farmers who produce organic grass fed meats, you don’t only support your own health and well being, but the habitats and environments of Canadian wildlife, too.