Great Advice for Making the Most of Your Lamb Bone Broth

POSTED ON: Jan 31 ,2018

Integrating healthy lamb bone broth into your diet is one of the best things you can do for your body. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, bone broths are excellent for getting better quality sleep, protecting your gut and your immune system, and even keeping you looking young and wrinkle-free. That said, increasing your intake of lamb bone broth takes time and effort, so we’ve got some tips for making sure it results in long-lasting change for the better.

Choose grass-fed, organic lamb

Grass-fed, organic lamb is free from antibiotics, toxins, and pesticides, and you will be too if you chooseorganic meats. Unfortunately, not all lamb bone broths are created equal – the healthiest animals will always yield the most benefits. So, number one piece of advice, always choose high-quality cuts, because your body will notice the difference, even if you don’t.

Use large and small bones

Different bones supply different nutrients, so another essential piece of advice is to vary the pot. Larger bones contain more marrow, so they will naturally provide protection to the immune system. Smaller bones are more gelatinous, so they are very beneficial for promoting a healthy gut and digestive system. As lamb bone broth lines the small intestine, it is especially healing for anyone who suffers from leaky gut syndrome.

Freeze the Leftovers

If you couldn’t finish your lamb bone broth, don’t toss it out: freeze it for later instead. A handy way to do this is by pouring the liquid into an ice tray and popping it in the freezer: this way, it can be used later in the place of stock cubes. Not only is this a tasty option and a modest money-saver, it also lets you integrate broth into meals in a more consistent way. As a side note, you should also keep lamb bones after a roast for the same reasons. Save them in a vacuum sealed container, and they’ll be ready for your next bone broth meal.

Try out different recipes

Making the same recipe over and over again is a sure fire way to eliminate foods from you diet out of sheer boredom. To keep things interesting, experiment with lamb bone broth recipes from casseroles, to soups, to stews. Another plus, is that you can integrate plenty of extra nutrients from other meat and plant-based recipes by looking for creative new ways to take your bone broth.