Great Accompaniments to Roast Organic Chicken

POSTED ON: Apr 25 ,2017

Have you bought your organic chicken in Vancouver and are preparing to serve it up for a delicious meal? Looking for some great accompaniments to have, along with your roast chicken?

If so, read on, as we list some top suggestions of what to eat and drink with your roast organic chicken in Vancouver.

Creamy mashed potatoes

One of the most commonly eaten accompaniments for organic chicken is creamy mashed potatoes. Complementing the texture and flavour of chicken perfectly, a well-cooked creamy mashed potato is a treat that virtually everyone can enjoy.

Green beans

When it comes to vegetables, green beans have long been associated with roast chicken. Steamed beans can be particularly delicious, as it keeps the natural goodness and freshness inside of them.

Coriander and caraway carrots

Along with beans, carrots are a great addition to any roast organic chicken in Vancouver. Adding coriander, caraway, and a little honey to the carrots is a great way of making them even more tasty.

Roasted asparagus

The last of the vegetables we will cover in this article is roasted asparagus, which you can add further flavour to by adding almonds while cooking, making them a great match for chicken.


If you love wine, no roast organic chicken in Vancouver is complete without having a glass of wine to complement it. Chicken is an extremely versatile food, in that you can choose virtually any wine and it will combine with the chicken superbly.

While some meats and other food often favour either white or red wines, the versatility of a roast organic chicken in Vancouver allows for either to be paired with it. From a Pinot Noir to a rich Chardonnay, whatever your favourite type of wine, it is sure to go well.

In summary

While there aren’t many foods or beverages that won’t go well with roast chicken, this article might help you discover your new favourite accompaniment.