Find Delicious, British Columbia-Raised, Organic Grass Fed Meat in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Feb 20 ,2018

With all the potentially unhealthy products animals are subjected to in their diets, the words “you are what you eat” have never been more alarming, and that is part of the reason why, in Vancouver, the search for organic grass fed meat never ends. Between knowing that the meat products you’re consuming came from happy animals that had good diets, and the benefits of consuming organic grass fed meat, there has never been a better reason to make the switch away from factory farmed products.

Whether you’re firing up the BBQ to make burgers for your kids, shopping for the ingredients for butter chicken, or even just looking for something to roast for your Friday night dinner, look for organic, grass fed meats. They’re easy to find in Vancouver.

Why Eat Grass Fed Meat?

Grass is a natural food of most animals. They can support themselves on delicious forage, and they aren’t artificially fattened up or given diets that they don’t enjoy. When you have your own chickens, you will allow them to eat grass in order to produce the best eggs, and the same should go for the chicken or beef that you eat – these animals should be fed high-quality foods and the health benefits can be passed on to you.

Many people think that finding organic, grass fed meat in Vancouver will be difficult, but these days it is becoming more readily available. Higher-demands have increased supply. It is just another way to invest in the goodwill economy.

Organic, Grass Fed Meats in Vancouver

With the average meat product travelling 5000 KM to get to its consumer, we have decided to veer away from the norm. This means the organic and grass fed beef and chicken you can buy from us in Vancouver is always harvested at the right time and is always high quality. Look for our organic chicken products in Vancouver. We have locations on Denman Street, where you can dine at our Grill, Broths & Deli, and on Commercial Drive, where you can shop for organic grass fed meats at our Whole Animal Butcher Shop.

When you buy your organic grass fed meat products from the team at Pasture to Plate, you will not only contribute to our livelihood, but to the future of your children, and British Columbia’s thriving economy. From our ranch,located in beautiful Redstone, BC, we at Pasture to Plate support British Columbians over all else, which is why we only focus on province-wide sales.