Do You Know What Your Food Eats?

POSTED ON: Jun 26 ,2017

While the vast majority of people are concerned about the quality of the meat they eat, many of them rarely think about what these animals themselves are eating. And if they saying goes, “you are what you eat”, then maybe this is something that should be more of an area of focus.

There are many different types of animal feed out there. These different forms of food most certainly contribute to the nutritious value and quality of meat that you consume. What goes into the animal when it eats will affect the final product that ends up on your plate, so it is something you should bear in mind the next time you shop.

For non-organic, mass produced meat, the cattle are often fed a mix or soy and corn. This is because it is cheap and bulky and provides the cows with enough energy to grow, but actually has quite low nutritional quality. There is also a high chance that this feed was produced from crops that were treated with pesticides, and can also contain a lot of chemical preservatives. Unfortunately, these cows rarely get to eat grass and enjoy pasture and all ofthe incredible nutrients that are in it.

There are even worse things that cows eat which you probably wouldn’t even imagine. For example, early in 2017, red Skittles candy was found on a highway in Wisconsin. It turns out that a truck containing cattle feed had crashed, and that cattle feed consisted of candy! If you pride yourself on maintaining a healthy, sugar-free diet but you still buy cheap, mass-produced meat, then you might not be eating so healthily after all, even if it is indirectly.

The best way to avoid consuming meat like this is to buy organic grass fed meat. When you consume organic grass fed meat, you know that the cattle have been grazing on the food that was naturally meant for them. This means the meat will taste pure and delicious and you will not be consuming chemicals that you don’t know about.

Organic grass fed meat means that the cattle that provided you with the meat were raised correctly and lived much of their lives as nature intended, which is outside in the organic pasture. When you consume meat like this, you can really taste the difference, and your body will thank you for it.