Cooking Tips for Grass-Fed BC Beef

POSTED ON: Mar 10 ,2017

Are you looking for cooking inspiration and tips for your grass-fed and organic beef in Vancouver? If so, we have a number of suggestions to help you maximize the flavour and texture of your BC beef.

Complementing the reduced fat

Grass-fed organic beef in Vancouver is lower in fat than grain-fed alternatives, which is a positive on the nutritional front, though it does mean that without the right cooking techniques you can risk drying it out, or overcooking it.

This is easily countered, however, by a number of techniques. Firstly, you can add in additional liquid and ingredients when you cook, ensuring that the BC beef is kept moist and tender. This can take the form of adding tomatoes, chopped onions, carrots and other vegetables, all helping to enhance the flavour and nutritional value.

Searing the outside to seal in the moisture will also result in a tender, flavourful result.  And don’t forget to let the meat rest when it is finished cooking, before cutting into it, so the juices have time to settle and will not run right out.

Marinating BC beef

For delicious grass-fed organic beef in Vancouver, have you tried marinating it before cooking? This is a flavourful way of adding extra taste and moisture to your meat, making it even more pleasing to the palate. Marinating for at least 2 hours is often enough to dramatically enhance the food and is certainly worth trying.

Slower cooking approach

One of the best tips when cooking grass-fed BC beef is to lower the heat you use, as it cooks quicker than grain-fed beef. You will soon find the right temperature and approach when you become more accustomed to cooking grass-fed organic beef in Vancouver, though just be aware to take things slower if you’re new to it.  The resulting tenderness and flavour will be your reward.

Less oil required

Along with being lower in fat than grain-fed alternatives, another benefit is that it requires less oil to cook. The end result is a serving of BC beef that is much better for you, with less fat and oil being ingested into your system as a result.

Summing up

Now that you have our top tips for cooking grass-fed organic beef in Vancouver, why not go ahead and perform a taste test yourself. You might be surprised at just how flavourful and delicious organic beef in Vancouver really is.