Cooking Techniques for Organic Grass Fed Meats

POSTED ON: Oct 06 ,2017

Whether you already eat organic grass fed meats, or are trying them for the first time, knowing how to get the very best out of them is beneficial.

While much of cooking can be a subjective and personal preference, why not try out the techniques detailed below, the next time you choose organic grass fed meats.

Technique 1: Turning the temperature down

One of the top tips when cooking organic grass fed meats is to try cooking at a lower temperature than you usually would for a conventional piece of meat. Cooking at a lower temperature, though for a longer period of time, if required, is a great way to make the most out of its unique tenderness and flavour.

Overcooking organic grass fed meats is a common mistake that many people make, so being aware of this is very useful for the most enjoyable meal.

Technique 2: Experiment with marinating

A great way to get even more taste and flavour into your organic grass fed meats is to experiment with marinating. With there being a vast number of different marinades to try, you can experiment to your heart’s content. Generally speaking, organic grass fed meats already have superior flavour, but if you are able to marinate them a couple of hours before cooking, it can make a considerable difference and impart an additional flavour profile.

For those who are wanting to get even more creative, why not try making your own marinade? With hundreds of recipes available to use online, it is easy to find inspiration for your next creation.

Technique 3: Adjusting the seasoning

Another common technique when cooking organic grass fed meats is to adjust the amount of seasoning that you would usually use. While this is down to personal taste, many people find that less seasoning is required for organic grass fed meats, due to the already naturally rich flavour.

After you become more acquainted with grass fed organic meats, knowing the right amount of seasoning will become second nature, with it largely being a case of trial and error until it is the right taste for you.

Rounding up

Cooking organic grass fed meats is not a challenging task, though by using the three techniques listed above, you can help maximize the taste and texture of the meat, delivering a delicious and unforgettable meal.