Consider Lamb Bone Broth

POSTED ON: Jun 05 ,2018

The importance of soups, broths, and stock is not to be underestimated. So many cuisines rely on the traditional method of boiling bones and meat to extract their nutrients and vitamins while also keeping them palatable and digestible. Lamb bone broth is one of these important broths, the health effects of which stand to be very beneficial.

Bones are very nutrient rich, especially those of lamb, which is not as often consumed in the typical North American diet. When you boil bones and meat for long periods of time, the inner marrow of the bone breaks down and collects in the water, allowing you to enjoy their nutritional benefits and the great taste. By consuming lamb bone broth, you ingest these valuable nutrients and vitamins, and they stand to help you with some of the deficiencies you might be experiencing.

When the lamb bone broth enters your lower intestine, where nutrients are absorbed, it’s already in a state that aids the digestion process and doesn’t overwork your stomach – that is, it’s a liquid full of important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These are then absorbed into your lower intestine, from where they make their way to the rest of your body, through the bloodstream.

There is some debate as to the exact mechanism and even some of the reported health benefits of lamb bone broth. Some say many of the benefits are exaggerated, and that consuming specific parts of an animal does not benefit that part of your body. But ask any grandmother, and she’ll tell you that soup is an important part of a healthy diet; humans have boiled soups since they’ve had pots to boil them in, and some of that tradition could lead to some of the health benefits.

Expecting lamb bone broth to cure every ailment you have is perhaps expecting too much, but an increase in overall well-being from nutrients, vitamins, and minerals not always found in other foods, in a very digestible package, is likely something more reasonable to expect from enjoying lamb bone broth.

There are generally two ways to go when it comes to delicious lamb bone broth. You can make it, if you have the time and the cooking utensils necessary, not to mention the ingredients, or you can buy it. Lamb bone broth is available from our Commercial Drive butcher shop and our Denman Street Grill.