Can Lamb Bone Broth Be Used in Conjunction with Healthy Eating?

POSTED ON: Sep 12 ,2018

Bone broths are having a bit of a moment and you may have read about them on various food blogs. If you have already tried lamb bone broth, then you know that it is delicious. It has a light and savory taste and the heat offers up comfort. It can be consumed as it is, or added to soups, sauces, stews, and more.

However, what many people aren’t sure of is whether lamb bone broth offers up benefits and if it can be used in conjunction with healthy eating.

In short, yes, lamb bone broth can be used in conjunction with healthy eating. It contains a large amount of nutrients that come from the gelatine and cartilage within the bones. These are soaked in a both of boiling water for many hours and are distributed throughout the broth,and also offer up a hearty and savoury taste.

Consuming bone broth means that you are getting vitamins and minerals that help your body function in a healthy and efficient manner. If you are hoping to start, or are interested in healthy eating, this is how lamb bone broth fits into it.

Cook Fresh Foods

When you cook food from scratch using fresh ingredients, you are doing yourself a favour. Incorporate lamb bone broth into yummy soups and slow cooker dishes. Not only does it add some richness to the taste, you’ll also be getting all the benefits mentioned above.

Learning to cook properly is one of the benefits of healthy eating that many of us don’t think about. This can really spark your creative juices and for many is a fun and relaxing activity.

Intermittent Fasting

More people are beginning to practice intermittent fasting. This is a way of eating that involves fasting gaps between meals. This may be 14-16 hours of ‘fasting’ or not eating, and the rest of the day the practitioner can eat as normal. There has been some evidence to show that this type of eating pattern can regulate blood sugar levels and assist with weight loss. Some people sip lamb bone broth during their fasting periods to stave off hunger.

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