5 Ideas for Marinating Your Organic Chicken in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Nov 27 ,2017

For those who aren’t already using marinade when they prepare their organic chicken in Vancouver, you aremissing out on added flavour opportunities.

While organic chicken in Vancouver can certainly be a delicious proposition on its own, using marinades can be a great way of adding new flavour and excitement into your meal. Here are five ideas for marinating the next time you decide to have organic chicken in Vancouver.

Lemon, pepper, and garlic

One of the classics when it comes to marinating organic chicken in Vancouver is using a combination of lemon, pepper and garlic. While this is also great to add to the chicken while you cook it, leaving the flavour to seep in for several hours, or overnight, can make it even more delicious.

Red wine

Red wine is another great idea for a marinade, which can either be used in combination with other ingredients, or on its own, to create a rich and flavourful taste.

Teriyaki marinade

While teriyaki is also associated with fish and other meats, it can really complement an organic chicken in Vancouver. Producing a savoury and sweet flavour, why not try out a teriyaki marinade if you are looking for something a little different.

Lemon and rosemary

Another of the classic marinades that can be used with organic chicken in Vancouver is lemon and rosemary. These two ingredients complement each other superbly, and go together to create a fresh and tasty dish. While this popular marinade is often purchased from a store, it is also quick, easy, and delicious to make yourself.

Italian herbs

Mixing Italian herbs is another way to maximize the flavour when cooking organic chicken in Vancouver. With herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano, and others being mixed with a healthy drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, an Italian-style flavour is one that is sure to go down well, even for the fussiest eaters.

Rounding up

Organic chicken in Vancouver is already of high quality and taste. By using and experimenting with marinades, however, you can create an even better flavour than you may have thought possible.

Why not purchase an organic chicken in Vancouver try one of the marinade ideas suggested above; you might just find your new favourite flavouring.