4 Popular Choices from Our Organic Meat Selection

POSTED ON: Mar 02 ,2017

There is no denying that the organic meat movement is gaining traction in Canada, along with other countries in the world.

As a growing number of people are becoming increasingly concerned about the food they put into their mouths, along with the substances that have been added to their food, the organic movement as a whole is gaining speed.

To provide inspiration, here are four of the most popular choices for organic meat, not listed in any particular order.

Option 1: Organic Chicken

One of the most popular choices for organic meat is undoubtedly chicken. Our organic chickens are from eggs that aren’t medicated or vaccinated, and are fed with only BC certified organic grains. They are also provided with a wealth of land to forage on, making them a tasty and healthy selection.

Option 2: Organic Beef

Beef is another popular choice for organic meat, which provides the perfect cut for a succulent and delicious steak. Free of antibiotics and other types of pharmaceuticals, the cattle are brought up on lush and irrigated pastures, with sea-salt being the only additional supplement.

Option 3: Organic Pork

Our stock of organic pork is second to none, with a mix of Berkshire pigs and wild boar providing some of the finest pork in the region. If you are looking to impress friends, family, or a date, organic pork makes for a fantastic meal ingredient.

Option 4: Organic Turkey

Although you might only think of turkey when the festive season rolls around, it is a surprise that more people don’t eat this bird more often.

Organic turkeys are raised in a similar way to chickens and are fed only unprocessed rations. This allows the turkey to only consume organic grains, making it even more special when it arrives at your plate.

Try for yourself

Along with the four options of organic meat listed above, there are many others to try too, such as lamb and mutton. However, if you still aren’t sure if organic meat is for you, why not try for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.