3 Rising Organic Food Trends

POSTED ON: Jan 09 ,2018

The organic food industry, as a whole, has been expanding rapidly in recent years, with an increasing number of outlets and shops catering to the growing market.

While the overall industry is certainly on the rise, there are certain trends and areas within organic food itself that are gaining particular traction. In this article, we help to throw some light on three of the top rising trends, starting with organic grass-fed meat.

Organic grass-fed meat

One of the largest trends in the organic industry is that of organic grass-fed meat, which is unsurprising, considering the benefits and advantages of its consumption. Often containing higher levels of the beneficial Omega-3 fats, and fewer of the Omega-6 fats that many try to avoid, organic grass-fed meat is widely considered to be an overall healthier choice than conventionally-raised meat.

In addition to this, organic grass-fed meat tends to have more antioxidants than conventional meat, while also containing less fat. All of this has contributed to why organic grass-fed meat is one of the rising trends in the organic sector.

Organic tea and coffee

Along with organic grass-fed meat, organic tea and coffee is another area that is becoming increasingly popular. With warm beverages, such as tea and coffee, gaining traction in the organic market, those in search of healthier and more environmentally-friendly options for their favourite warm drinks are now switching to organic in increasing numbers.

Organic snacks

While organic snacks may be seen as a large and varied area, it is still worth mentioning, as it is yet another trend that has risen prominently. With snacks such as organic kale chips, and other vegetarian-based snack foods, taking the supermarkets by storm, both the supply and demand have risen extensively.

In being a healthy and guilt-free way of snacking, organic snacks look set to remain a popular trend for the years to come.

In summary

Organic grass-fed meat, along with organic coffee, tea, and snacks, is leading the way in popularity, though it is significant to note the overall organic industry is going from strength to strength. With there being many health, environmental, and ethical benefits when it comes to organic food, it isn’t hard to see why so many people are making the switch.